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Espy Artistry was formed in 2020 by artist William J Ramsay with the sole vision to create a fine art brand that would in-time become visually identifiable and recognized in connection with his art portfolio and overall progression as a freelance abstract artist. The overall brand aesthetics aims to act as an extension of William’s artistic focus and career, with an emphasis on simplistic detail and modern styling. By using coherent logo placement and branding elements across all new original artwork, limited prints, promotional material, and any future merchandise, the goal is to spread William’s ethos as an abstract artist and as a noticeable ‘art brand’. Espy Artistry by definition means Catch sight of creative ability’ and this subliminal message perfectly represents William’s creative intention to not only build recognition and put a spotlight on his own artwork and ideas, but to also inspire others to take a more in depth look at their surroundings and provoke an exploration of creative perspective.

*  Espy Artistry ~ 'Catch sight of creative ability'  *


Copyright 2021: All work and products shown on this site are copyright of Espy Artistry and artist William James Ramsay.

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